Lawn Maintenance Services

M K Landscaping has the experience and expertise you need to keep your lawn or turf looking its best and healthiest.

Lawn Mowing Service

We recommend regular lawn mowing and not removing more than 1/3 of the grass blade height. A professional mower using proper mowing techniques will ensure a smooth, well-groomed appearance for your lawn. Mowing at the right height and on the proper schedule helps maintain a dense, smooth, uniform turf and reduces the competitiveness of many weeds. Our mower blades are balanced and sharpened daily to give the best appearance to your lawn. Our lawn mowing is normally performed on a weekly basis unless otherwise agreed upon. This will include mowing of all turf areas, trimming of all edges, trees, and landscape. All landscape, sidewalks, and driveway surfaces are blown free of grass clippings and debris.

Leaf Clean Up Service

Leaves can be very damaging to a yard if they are left on the lawn all winter. The leaves will suffocate and hide the lawn from much needed air and sunlight. The leaf removal service offered by M K Landscaping includes removing all leaves from lawn areas, as well as landscaped areas. These leaves will taken to the curb to be removed by M K Landscaping leaf vacuuming service. M K Landscaping uses the most efficient equipment to perform fall leaf removals, leaf vacuuming and yard clean-ups.

We not only promise to deliver a beautiful lawn or landscape, but that you will never have to worry about clean-up. Curbside Vacuuming is also available for customers that want to bring the leaves to the curb themselves and have our driver pickup and recycle the unwanted leaf material from your home.

Core Aeration Service

Core aeration is the process of mechanically removing plugs of thatch and soil from the lawn. It has many benefits including: opening the soil, reducing compaction, improving water infiltration and rooting, reducing thatch which aids in reducing lawn stress and allows the fertilizer to beautify the lawn. The plugs are left on the surface to break down (usually within a couple of weeks) and reincorporate soil into the thatch layer, creating a better growing medium for turf grass. We perform this service in the fall when root growth is at its optimum.

Mulching Services

M K Landscaping provides mulch installation for properties that need sprucing. Do you have landscaping mulch that is outdated?  No problem! We can install new mulch that will add value to your landscaping and flower beds.

Maybe you have trees that look bare or out of place, adding mulch around trees increases your curb appeal. Mulch also serves as a weed barrier, even with a nice looking lawn and groomed shrubs, outdated mulch can offset the overall exterior presence.


Lawn Fertilizer Service St. Louis

At M K Landscaping, we have the experience and expertise needed to keep your lawn or turf looking its best and healthiest. Our complete lawn fertilizer service program includes several fertilizer applications throughout the growing season in order to provide your grass with the nutrients needed for proper growth. It will also help prevent and control weed growth, while controlling and preventing insect infestations that can be harmful and damaging to your grass. With our complete lawn fertilizer service, you can keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

We recommend five total fertilizer applications throughout the course of the growing season in order to keep your lawn and turf looking its best. Our complete fertilizer services will prevent the growth of weeds and control harmful insects while providing the nutrients needed for a healthy turf.

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